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Helping you to find greater joy and fulfilment by fostering a deeper connection with your soul through sharing personal experiences, information, inspiration, and conscious breathing.

Quote: Joy comes from the soul, joy is your natural state of being
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Hi, I’m Natacha

On this website, I share my personal experiences and wisdom gained as I travelled in this lifetime from spiritual awakening to enlightenment and beyond. I am passionate about my journey of living as a fully conscious, divine-human and assisting others to do the same.

Among the energies woven into these pages, I have created a safe space filled with inspiration, wisdom, tools, and humour. A space to breathe, be inspired, to  learn, grow, and feel yourself in what is undoubtedly the most amazing, challenging, expansive and fulfilling journey you will ever undertake.

Conscious Breathing

In its simplest form, this spiritual journey is about releasing all the illusions built up over lifetimes and welcoming back your soul and the parts that you have rejected. It’s about releasing limitations and embracing true freedom beyond anything you can imagine.

Conscious breathing is one of the most powerful, and effective techniques that will help you do this. It is the conscious breath of integration that invites all these parts of you back home to the core of you and awakens your self-love and compassion. It is a simple and profound tool that will help you negotiate this journey with much greater ease and grace.

[Conscious breathing] allows humans to connect with their true wisdom source, their inner strength, their voice from within.

~ Norma Delaney

Sign: You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Mentoring/ Coaching

We all get stuck sometimes, or feel lost and unsure, on our way to realisation. It can be a huge comfort to have someone alongside to support your expansion, who has walked this path before.

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